Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few days outdoor

These are a few of my outdoor studies I did in Will Weston's class earlier this year. Super awesome teacher too! During class we went to a few locations; Natural history museum, Santa Monica Pier, Pasadena Arboretum, Airplane museum, and Military museum....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ready to Start

Soooo I finally got myself to re-do my blog! I've been busy these last nine months drawing and working...I'm finally satisfied with some of the drawings I've been producing so I figure it's time to start showing everyone!
Hope you like some of it!!! If not, o well :P

At the beginning of the year I started taking a gesture class at the Animation Guild in North Hollywood with Mr. Mark Mcdonell. I would highly recommend everyone to take this class, I absolutely loved and hated it! Hated it because i saw how much I sucked and really needed to learn. And loved it because I did learn so much and my work improved greatly! Here is some of my work from this class :)

Can't wait to post more stuff!
Thought this song would be quite suiting for my first post.